Project Focus

One main goal of InduTwin is to develop a curriculum of English taught Bachelor courses for these three disciplines to make them accessible for exchange students. These courses can be shared between the partner universities and departments to enable an international and interdisciplinary study experience. Technical modules are complemented with language courses and intercultural skill trainings.

Short term mobility (e.g. Summer Schools) and project based learning (e.g. Cross Border Projects) are key aspects of the InduTwin project and will be accompanied by e-Learning formats. A joint digital education ecosystem will be developed to facilitate digital collaboration.

Once the double degree agreements are signed, exchange students can not only participate in courses at a partner university but also do internships and write bachelor thesis at companies abroad.

Within the participating study programs, specializations will be offered by each partner university in order to enable an interdisciplinary approach for students within their respective study program. In a long term perspective, we at InduTwin are looking into developing joint international interdisciplinary study programs.

Working Groups

Dual Education

German Fachhochschulen (Universities of Applied Sciences/ UAS) provide teaching and research with a strong application-oriented focus in order to prepare students for the fast changing international job market.

Many study programs at a UAS include mandatory internship semesters or offer the option to write the bachelor/ master thesis in collaboration with a company. To ensure an excellent education, professors at a UAS have both, a doctoral degree and relevant experience from the industry sector.

Additionally, dual educational study programs offer students the setting to be employed at a company while studying at a UAS at the same time, combining scientific education and practical experience. Currently, about one third of all students in Germany are enrolled at a UAS.

Double Degree

Central aspect for us at InduTwin is the establishment of Double Degree agreements with our partner universities. Through these, students will be able to earn a degree from the countries their home university and the partner university are located.

The basic concept is that Bachelor students spend the first semesters at their home university, studying the foundations of their study discipline while improving their English language skills.

Optionally, they participate in short term or virtual mobility formats.

Later on, they study several semesters at the partner university abroad. Courses are taught in English and students can take the opportunity for internships or for writing their bachelor thesis at a company.

The partner universities within our InduTwin network offer different areas of specialization that complement each other, allowing students to gain deeper knowledge in subjects of their own interest. Through this, they not only gain international experience, but qualify for work permits at the country of the hosting university.

Study Programs

Computer Science



E-Learning & Blended Learning

Emphasizing Digitalization, InduTwin features e-Learning and blended Learning content, customized for each particular study program. Along with our professional training offer for our academic staff, we are creating language programs to support international students in their preparation for the academic demands they will face during their studies within the InduTwin program.

We are aware of the latent digital generation gap, so we are aiming at tackling this challenge by providing our academic staff and students with the required training in order to succeed in the use of e-Learning and b-Learning applications.